Wow, just wow, we spied some Lemonade fruit at the market last weekend and what a heavenly surprise. Having tried them only a couple of time before, we’d forgotten just how amazing they are. Sweet, delicious tangy flesh, without the harsh acidity of the lemon, so you can enjoy this fruit without puckering up. We’ve been enjoying them for breakfast, as part of a winter fruit salad, with our homemade honey baked granola and local yoghurt. What better incentive to rise and shine!

Citrus fruits are always a favourite at Studio Kitchen; blood oranges, pink grapefruit, tangelos, mandarin and with over forty varieties the hits keep coming. We will always go the extra mile to hand squeeze fresh juice, as nothing else compares. (we’ve been known to go on holiday with a citrus juicer)

Lemonade fruit was discovered by chance growing as a natural hybrid in New Zealand in the 80’s, you’d classify it as a relative newcomer to the citrus scene. While you won’t come across them in the supermarket, during the appropriate season, you might spot these wonderful fruit in specialty shops but mostly they are grown at home, so if you have enough space available, consider nurturing your own tree.

Besides just peeling and eating them, we decided to make a winter salad with some roast baby beetroots and the results were spectacular. There is no recipe for this and the ingredients listed below are purely a guide and could be substituted for similarly spectacular results.

Roast beetroot (roast until tender in moderate oven)

Lemon fruit segments peeled and cut into chunks.

Meredith goats’ cheese (not sponsored just a fan)

Fresh dill

Yuzu zest *

Lemonade fruit zest

Lemonade fruit juice




Oil from the Meredith jar

Splash of robust olive oil.

Splash Shoyu vinegar 

Splash Red wine vinegar.


    •  At the time of buying our lemonade fruit, we also grabbed two withered looking yuzus. The zest was still magnificent, but the fruit was past it’s best inside and had zero juice. Just to give you an idea they were $79.99 a kg so uber expensive. I bought two for $10 and although that’s a lot, I’d never used fresh yuzu before and couldn’t let them pass me by.

Our salad was earthy, tangy and fresh and an incredible celebration of winter at is best. We served it as a side for a pizza party we had with friends.

Darren also whipped up a refreshingly light parfait using lemonade fruit, tangelo, blood orange and candied orange zest. Studded with smoked almond praline, plump pistachios, dried golden raisins, dark and milk chocolate chunks he served it with a chai chocolate sauce, making it a truly decadent and unforgettable dessert.