This week, we’re thrilled to feature the exceptionally talented Laura Foo, the victorious winner of Season 6 of The Great Australian Bake Off, under the spotlight. In an exclusive interview, we caught up with Laura to discover what she’s been up to since her impressive triumph. Not only did she graciously share insights into her post-win journey, but she also imparted valuable advice for those aspiring to tread a similar path. Additionally, Laura generously divulged her coveted recipe for a feather-light Pandan Chiffon Cake. Join us as we delve into the inspiring world of @lozfozbakes!

After facing disappointment during her initial audition for Season 5, Great Australian Bake Off, Laura Foo’s resilience and determination led her to the spotlight in Season 6, where she not only showcased her incredible baking skills but emerged as the victorious baker.

Melbourne’s harsh lockdown period became a transformative phase for Laura, offering her the time to delve into unexplored realms of baking. Those challenging times became a blessing in disguise, deepening her passion for baking and providing the opportunity to experiment with new recipes. Currently, she is running an Instagram series titled “Things I’ve Never Made Before,” showcasing her constant hunger for knowledge and love for learning.

With no prior television experience, Laura initially felt the pressure of the cameras and microphones during Bake Off. However, as she settled into her surroundings, mastered the ovens, and found her rhythm, she forgot the cameras were there and went on to win the show.

Transitioning from six years in a corporate management consultant role to the iconic Great Australian Bake Off shed, Laura’s supportive workplace encouraged her to follow her dream. It was her first job out of university, and it equipped her with skills that now contribute to creating exceptional baking experiences, she’s resourceful, ambitious, and engaging.

From her first pop-up at CoBakeSpace to her upcoming appearance at Flavour Fest on March 2nd, Laura’s ambition knows no bounds. Her signature bakes, including Tamarind Caramel Brownie, Milo Marble Cake, Snickers Cookies, Chai Macarons, and a tantalising Lemon Cake with Thai Basil Syrup and Blueberry, will be featured. Despite limited infrastructure, she is determined to deliver handcrafted delights. The SMEG kit she won has proven invaluable in her pop-up productions.

Although she won’t say no to a future retail store, right now Laura is keen on exploring more markets and festivals, catering gigs, private chef work. She’d love more opportunities in television and dreams of starting her own YouTube series. What was once just a hobby has now taken centre stage in her life.

Laura cherishes her time in the shed with her Bake Off family and still messages them constantly. Her favourite moment was off camera during week 4 when Darren and Rachel returned to finish her BBQ Pork Pastries they had just judged. That week she earned the Star Baker title showcasing the flavours she loves the most.

For future Bake Off contestants, Laura’s advice is to be authentic, represent your food as you envision it, and don’t shy away from pushing your limits. Her ethos on the show was to have no regrets, stand by her creations, and be proud of what she offered the judges.

She’s kindly sharing one of her favourite recipes, the Pandan Chiffon Cake, Laura describes it as her go-to cake for unexpected occasions. She emphasises the cake’s feather-light texture, making it easy to enjoy on any occasion.

Laura now sells her cakes for private orders, including wedding cakes and birthday celebrations, all managed through her social media platforms on Instagram and TikTok. Her journey from an unsuccessful audition to a baking triumph is not just a testament to her skills but also to the power of perseverance and passion.